Violent White Supremacy on the Rise: White Kansas HS Students Threaten to Hang Black Players, Taunt w/ Blackface Babydoll & Attempt to Raid Black Player’s Locker Room After Game

A Kansas basketball game turned violently racist when white students threatened to hang Black players and attempted to raid & attack them in the locker room.

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White KC Teacher Says “N*gga” Multiple Times, Tells Students “Be Upset About It All You’d Like…We Can’t Police Other People’s Speech”

[VIDEO] A white teacher at University Academy High School in Kansas City repeatedly uses the N word even after Black students tell him it makes them uncomfortable.

The Kansas City Defender Hosts 2 Pop-Up Grocery Buyouts, Gives $1500 Directly to Black People at Wild Woody’s Food Center & Sunfresh on Prospect Avenue

Our Grocery Buyout on Prospect Avenue was chosen directly following the horrifically tragic kidnappings and murders of Black women on Prospect last month.

Kansas City’s Rent Is Too Damn High

This issue is particularly pressing in the Black community, where decades of racist real estate practices, like redlining and block-busting, have kept our families in poverty

White Olathe West HS Student Repeatedly Says N Word w/ No Punishment, Black Student Responds & Gets OSS/Expelled

A video leaked to The Defender from Olathe West High School in Kansas shows two students fighting after a white student repeatedly used the N Word.

Why Breast Cancer Is A Black Health Issue (And Resources for Folks in MO & KS)

Although breast cancer disease affects hundreds of thousands of individuals yearly, it disproportionately affects black people. Here’s what you should know.


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