Stop Telling Black People Not To Riot Over the State-Sanctioned Lynching of Tyre Nichols

Do not talk to us today about potential for “violence” from protestors, to do so is to appropriate the language and framing of white supremacy.

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KCK Police Chief Announces Investigation & Administrative Leave for Cop Who Appeared “High Out His Mind” While On Duty

KCK Police Chief Karl Oakman announces an investigation and administrative leave for the KCK cop who appeared “high out his mind” while on duty.

“YOU BROUGHT A HIGH COP TO MY HOUSE?”: Black Family to Press Charges Against Kansas Cop Who They Say Appeared “High Out His Mind”

A Black Kansas man who “feared for his life,” is now pressing charges against a Kansas on-duty cop who appeared “high out his mind” in a shocking video.

Officially Here: Kansas City’s Ultimate Guide to Black Owned Restaurants (Full Listing)

Kansas City is home to some of the best Black-owned restaurants in the country. From soul food to Caribbean cuisine, jazz clubs, and brunch spots, you’ll never need to go anywhere else for a delicious meal. Here’s your ultimate guide to all the Black-owned restaurants in Kansas City.

KC Defender Founder, Ryan Sorrell, Receives MLK Community Service Award During SCLC 2023 Mass Celebration

The Kansas City Defender’s Founder & Executive Editor received the 2023 MLK Community Service Award given by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

MLK DAY HATE CRIME: White Kansas High School Students Write “N*gger,” Draw Swastikas in Vicious Vandalism Act

Blue Valley High School students write “N*gger,” draw swastikas and homophobic slurs in vicious MLK Day vandalism hate crime.

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