“Going Quiet”: Black Students and the Struggle to Keep Our Identities at White Schools

We need concrete solutions for supporting black students, including; policy advocacy, accountability for racism, and increasing mental health access.

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Does the Fed Investigation Into KCPD Mean Anything for Black People or the Broader Community?

The U.S. Department of Justice has launched a civil rights investigation into the Kansas City Police Department citing racial discrimination. But the investigation only looks into discrimination against officers, and not the murders, lies and coverups KCPD has inflicted against the community.

White Men Are Outraged at a Course Taught at University of Kansas Called “Angry White Male Studies”

White men are outraged that a course dedicated to studying “Angry White Men” is being taught at the University of Kansas this semester.

Exclusive Interview: Family of Kevin Johnson Speaks on Racist Trial & Death Penalty

National outcry continues to denounce the scheduled execution of Kevin “KJ” Johnson, in what many describe as a blatantly racist and biased case.

Suppression of Speech & Arresting Activists: KC City Hall’s Escalating Assault on the Public

In an anti-democratic, authoritarian trend, Kansas City’s City Hall continues to silence, arrest and “make impossible” proper public engagement.

7 Mouthwatering KC Restaurants To Try for Black Restaurant Week

From Caribbean and Ethiopian to Cajun or a Chai Latte, we’ve curated a short list of 7 must-visit Black owned restaurants in Kansas City.

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