Black Mental Health: This is NOT a “White People” Issue

Mental health is just as important as physical health. However, the Black community at large doesn’t see it that way, and there are numerous factors contributing to this.  Suicide among Black youth has been increasing at an alarming rate with Black male adolescent rates going up by 60% and early adolescent Black youth being twice …

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Summit Waves, a popular water park in Lee’s Summit Missouri, is receiving scathing viral attention after a group of Black teens arrived for a party that was booked a month prior, and were denied access due to what the party-goers say is “definitely related to racism”.

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An exclusive interview with Chairman Yeshitela just a day after his home was raided and he and his wife survived a violent attack by the FBI.

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Kanbe’s Markets, a local KC nonprofit, has created an innovative model that is bringing fresh food to Black neighborhoods and food deserts.

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KC Muslim Civic Initiative is hosting a vigil in remembrance of Rezwan Kohistani, a recently resettled Afghan teen who was found hung on the grounds of his high school in Webb City, Missouri.

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