A Former Guerilla Fighter & A Black Woman Won Colombia’s Presidential Election. Here’s Why That Matters to Black People Globally

A former guerilla fighter & a Black woman won Colombia’s presidential election. here’s why that matters to Black people globally.

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Demands for Justice Remain After Rezwan Kohistani, Afghan Refugee, Found Hanging in a Missouri HS Baseball Field

On May 5th, 2022 Rezwan Kohistani’s body was found hanging in a baseball field at Webb City High School in Missouri. He was only 14 years old.

Men of All Colors Together: The Kansas City organization fighting racism amidst gay men in the 80’s–90’s

In 1980, this group of Kansas Citians founded a social club and safe space for those seeking to fight racism amongst Queer men of all races.

“Lightskins Vs. Darkskins”: The Epidemic of Colorism on Social Media and in Pop Culture

From Twitter to YouTube, many celebrities and influencers have been called out for being colorist, which is nearly synonymous with being racist in the Black community. Some call-outs occur from real-time actions and statements, while others happen due to uncovered past tweets or uploaded videos. 

Making History: KC Defender Brings Community Together with Historic Basketball Park Takeover

The park takeover was more reminiscent of a community program by the 1960’s Black Panther Party than an event hosted by a news outlet.

Mourning & Celebrating Mindfully: Lessons from Juneteenth to Incorporate Into Our Everyday Lives

Using sadness and transforming it into gratitude is essential to not only Juneteenth, but our everyday consciousness as Black people.

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