Park Hill Students Protest for Second Day After Teacher Exposed for Repeatedly Saying N*gger

Students say they won’t stop protesting until Stuart Sullinger, who repeatedly said the N word, is fired from Park Hill High School.

PARK HILL, MO – Students at Park Hill High School continue in what is now Day 2 of an ongoing mass non-violent direct action, following the viral leak of a racist teacher (Stuart Sullinger) who repeatedly said N*gger towards Black students in multiple documented incidents. 

Yesterday hundreds of students occupied the gymnasium for the entire school day. Today they are occupying the auditorium and plan to continue protesting until Stuart Sullinger is fired.

The students are circulating a petition that now sits at around 751 signatures in less than 12 hours. It reads below:

“Earlier this week a teacher at my high school, Park Hill was caught using the N-word to a student. The student was reported to have been saying the same word, but the teacher, Mr. Sullinger repeated it multiple times. 

This is not Mr. Sullinger’s first offense of getting called out due to using racial slurs and inappropriate language. Park Hill has suspended the student involved in the situation for 100+ days, and the teacher has been put on administrative leave – still getting paid. We are actively paying a teacher to call our POC students and students in general racial slurs. 

We can do better Park Hill. Here’s to getting Sullinger out. Sign the petition and lets bring justice and peace back into our school.”

Footage also was leaked to the Defender which a student told us Park Hill administration is barring students from attending the protest.

Another student who will remain anonymous for privacy purposes, wrote this to us;

This is a developing story.

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