The Kansas City Defender Hosts 2 Pop-Up Grocery Buyouts, Gives $1500 Directly to Black People at Wild Woody’s Food Center & Sunfresh on Prospect Avenue

Our Grocery Buyout on Prospect Avenue was chosen directly following the horrifically tragic kidnappings and murders of Black women on Prospect last month.

Thanks to generous donations from the community, we have held 2 recent Pop-Up Grocery Buyouts, tripling our first – and giving over $1500 directly to Black people. 

We are not, and never have been simply a news outlet like CNN or the New York Times. We are a Futurist Community Organization dedicated to collectively raising the Power and Consciousness of Black people, and using creative ways to show love and support for our community.

More important to us than anything, is building relationships and trust with everyday people and letting folks know we are a Community Platform in service to The People. This is why we continue to pilot a variety of Innovative Community Survival Programs. 

In October 2022, we launched our first Grocery Buyout after raising $500 on social media. By November, we’ve tripled our resources for ongoing Grocery Buyouts, and increased our giving to $1500.

Our Buyout locations are of strategic and symbolic significance. 

Our first Pop-Up, located at Wild Woody’s Food Center on 31st Street, is in a predominantly Black, divested neighborhood. Our second pop-up location, at Sunfresh on Prospect Avenue, was chosen directly following the horrifically tragic kidnappings and murders of Black women on Prospect in a story broken last month by The Defender. 

Our programs are intended to meet the needs of our community until we can move collectively to change the social conditions that make it systemically challenging for Black people to afford the things we need and desire.

These pioneering acts aim to improve the conditions of our people, to physically be in the community building alongside our people, and to redefine the role of news organizations within the community (in the spirit and tradition of the radical Black press).

Black media is actively suppressed and Black journalism often silenced. We depend on reader support to continue our vital community work and unapologetic truth-telling journalism. Will you help us raise $15,000 by December 31?

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