“YOU BROUGHT A HIGH COP TO MY HOUSE?”: Black Family to Press Charges Against Kansas Cop Who They Say Appeared “High Out His Mind”

A Black Kansas man who “feared for his life,” is now pressing charges against a Kansas on-duty cop who appeared “high out his mind” in a shocking video.

KANSAS CITY, KANSAS – An officer from the Kansas City Kansas Police Department is under scrutiny after being caught on camera exhibiting highly unusual behaviors while on duty.

Charles Guy’s family has spoken out, expressing outrage that such an individual was allowed to put their lives at risk.

“I was in fear for my life” Guy told The Defender in an interview, “He was clearly intoxicated in some way and was acting very aggressively towards me and my wife. And on top of that he had a lethal weapon with him.”

According to the Guy family, the incident began following a family dispute regarding Charles’ son, leading to two Wyandotte County, Kansas City Kansas police officers being summoned to Charles’ home. 

“I had my son for a couple of hours,” Charles told The Defender. “We came back home and those cops had been inside of my house.”

“That cop admitted on camera that they had already gone into my home,” Charles continued, “I kept trying to get the cop’s name and information because I knew it wasn’t okay that they did that. But that’s when I started noticing that one of the cops was high out of his mind. I have more videos too. I video taped the sergeant too. When he came up I videoed him.”

In the video captured by Guy, it is evident that something was off with this particular cop as he was slurring his words, his eyes look dilated and were rapidly darting around, and he was leaning against the wall as if he could not stand up straight. Despite the obvious signs of displaying highly abnormal behavior, the other cop did not acknowledge it whatsoever.

Guy says that after the sergeant arrived, still no action was taken to acknowledge his concerns or address the situation.

“I told the sergeant I feared for my life. I was scared of the cop being there because he looked clearly intoxicated in some way and he was wielding a deadly weapon.”

“The sergeant kept defending his officer.” Charles told The Defender. “I said come on he don’t look high to you? I think the only reason they were denying it is because they saw I had my camera. Every time I asked him and said man are you on drugs or high, they would never deny it, he was just hella argumentative. I mean come on, he’s clearly just sitting there high as a kite. His teeth were grinding, his eyes were going all over the place. His foot was fucking twitching it was looking like a jackrabbit, he would close his eyes and go to sleep leaning against the wall.”

The Metro Organization for Racial & Economic Equity (MORE2) told The Defender in a statement addressing the situation: “Having met with so many community members who have been violated by this department, we are not surprised. We keep hearing that the problems in Kansas City Kansas Police Department are a ‘thing of the past’ or isolated to one or two officers who are long gone. Reality is, no matter what is happening with the officer in this video, the fact that his fellow officer is seemingly disregarding this highly unusual behavior points to the system we know and have come to believe needs Department of Justice scrutiny. Without outside intervention, we don’t anticipate anything changing in KCKPD.

The family says the incident has left them angry and traumatized, and it is only understandable that they wish to press charges.

Regardless of whether the cop was intoxicated or if it is some type of medical condition, it is incredibly troubling that the police actively ignored the concerns of the family and allegedly refused to inform the family why the cop was acting in such a way.

This is a developing story.

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