KCK Police Chief Announces Investigation & Administrative Leave for Cop Who Appeared “High Out His Mind” While On Duty

KCK Police Chief Karl Oakman announces an investigation and administrative leave for the KCK cop who appeared “high out his mind” while on duty.
Left: Screengrab from video of allegedly “high” cop. Right: Image courtesy of KCUR, of KCK Police Chief Oakman

KANSAS CITY, KANSAS – Following The Defender’s release of shocking footage showing a Kansas City Kansas Police Officer who a Black family described appearing at their home “high out his mind,” the KCK Police Department announced it is now investigating the officer and his on-duty behavior.

Additionally, KCK Police Chief Karl Oakman acknowledged that he is aware of the footage The Defender published and the officer’s conduct, department officials said on Monday. The cop has been placed on administrative leave while the department leads the investigation.

The fact the department placed the cop on leave and even needs to investigate the situation at all is evidence enough that that cop was a clear and present danger to the Black family. The cop very well could have seriously endangered or killed them. Whether it was drugs or a medical condition is truly besides the point considering the partner cop and sergeant both refused to acknowledge his dangerous behavior and allowed him to remain present with his deadly weapon.

Whether it was drugs or a medical condition, we hope the man gets the help he needs, but that does not excuse him from brazenly and violently putting Black folks lives in danger. His help should not come at our expense.

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