KCPD Officer A “Serial Killer”: Murdered Donnie Sanders In 2020, Body Slammed A 9 Month Pregnant Black Woman, And Killed 2 More People Last Friday… And Still Employed By KCPD

Exposing the horrifying truth of unchecked violence by KCPD Officer Blayne Newton. From the murder of Donnie Sanders to attacking a 9-month pregnant woman, Newton’s reign of terror continues unchecked. Now implicated in the brutal killing of two more individuals, the community demands justice.

KANSAS CITY, MO – Blayne Newton––the Kansas City cop who brutally murdered unarmed Black man Donnie Sanders in 2020, then, in the same year, body slammed and hospitalized a 9 month pregnant Black woman, and in 2019 repeatedly punched and tased a teenager––has now been identified by The Kansas City Star as the killer of two more people last week.

On Friday, June 9th (at around 9pm by the McDonald’s at the intersection of 31st Street and Van Brunt Boulevard), Blayne Newton saw a pickup truck with two people in it that he thought looked “suspicious.”

He then proceeded to approach the vehicle and an unknown interaction took place, leading to Newton shooting in the driver-side window and murdering Marcell Nelson and Kristen Fairchild and allegedly shooting another person in the head.

Blayne Newton was the same cop in two other major police terror cases––one in which he kneeled on the back of 9-month pregnant Black woman, Deja Stallings. This led community members to organize a 30-day occupation of City Hall demanding he be fired.

“Blayne Newton is a serial killer,” Steve Young, an organizer with the Kansas City Law Enforcement Accountability Project (KC LEAP), told The Kansas City Star. 

The Missouri State Highway Patrol, the organization which has knowingly lied and covered up on behalf of KCPD repeatedly in the past, made an agreement to investigate the shooting.

Community members say this is no better than KCPD “investigating itself”.

This is a developing story. 

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