BREAKING: School Cop, Not Black Student, Shot Principal During Olathe East Shooting

The Assistant Principal at Olathe East High School “was mostly likely shot” by Erik Clark, the school cop, and not by the Black student Jaylon Elmore.

In a major bombshell report, the Johnson County district attorney has released information admitting that the Assistant Principal at Olathe East High School “was mostly likely shot” by Erik Clark, the school cop, and not by the Black student Jaylon Elmore.

The report released by Johnson County District Attorney Howe on Friday details what happened in the moments before, during, and just after the shooting.

For reference, The Kansas City Defender expressed skepticism and doubt about the initial police story when this tragic event first took place. Our investigation and conversations with numerous students, friends and family members of Jaylon left us with many questions about missing pieces in the official police narrative (we recommend watching the short clip in our previous post about this).

While the report seems to admit that Elmore did not shoot the Assistant Principal, the report maintains that Elmore attempted to shoot the school cop first, and says that is why the cop shot Jaylon, but no substantial evidence has been provided to prove this other than eyewitness testimony.

More importantly, the Police are now alleging that the officer’s body camera was damaged by a bullet, and because of this they have no footage of the incident.

The District Attorney’s “Fact Sheet” alleges that the police officer was shot four times; on his left thigh, his right chest, and his left arm/shoulder. Despite such severe injuries, it is well-known that Clark was released from the hospital just hours after the incident occurred. The public is permitted to question; how does someone who was shot four times get discharged from the hospital just hours later?

Because the police maintain Jaylon attempted to shoot the officer first, the Johnson County district attorney deemed Officer Erik Clark justified in attempting to kill Jaylon Elmore, and has declined to file charges against Police Officer Erik Clark.

Many students and family members The Defender spoke with say they do not believe Jaylon would have done “what he is being framed for.” In the days following the incident, students were also seen with “Free Jaylon” signs around the school.

Jaylon Elmore remains in the Johnson County Detention Center, where he remains on $1 million bond. He is charged with attempted capital murder, and has pleaded not guilty. His next court date is a scheduling conference set for Aug. 17 at 11 a.m. in Johnson County Division 17.

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