White Supremacist Mizzou Student: “If They Would Have Killed 4 More Nigg*rs We Would Have Had the Whole Week Off”

Students at University of Missouri are demanding the expulsion of white student Meg Miller, after she posted a horrifically violent white supremacist threat, thinly veiled as a joke, which stated “If They Would Have Killed 4 More N*ggers We Would Have Had the Whole Week Off.”

COLUMBIA, MO – Students at University of Missouri are demanding the expulsion of white student Meg Miller, after she posted a horrifically violent white supremacist threat, thinly veiled as a joke, which stated “If They Would Have Killed 4 More N*ggers We Would Have Had the Whole Week Off.” Miller made the social media post following the recent massacre of Black football students at University of Virginia.

Miller is President of University of Missouri’s white supremacist, right-wing extremist organization, Turning Point USA. Turning Point USA spreads the same “Great Replacement” extremist ideology that was included in the manifesto of the Buffalo Mass Killer, who massacred 10 Black people at a grocery store in Western New York earlier this year. 

Miller’s social media profiles display numerous troubling images of her wielding long-range rifles, weapons and posing with dead animals. 

In one picture, she is shown shoulder-to-shoulder with the man who murdered 2 people at a Black Lives Matter Rally in Kenosha Wisconsin, Kyle Rittenhouse. She captioned the photo with “#FanGirlMoment.” 

Despite joking about massacring Black people, Miller’s Instagram bio reads that she is a “Pro-Life Advocate” and “Unapologetically Conservative.” She is also Vice President of Public Relations for Mizzou’s Students for Life, another right-wing extremist organization at the University. 

The Defender spoke with Sophomore University of Missouri student, Kaylyn Walker, who is a Senator with the Legion for Black Collegians (the first and only Black student government in the country), as well as the Vice Chair of Social Justice for the Missouri Student Association (Mizzou’s student government for the undergraduate body). 

The Defender: Can you break down for us how you all first came across this post and what the Black students were thinking and feeling after you saw it? What did you all do?

Kaylyn: The Black Mizzou community is very close and we have a groupchat. The screenshot was sent in the groupchat by one of our members. Everyone immediately went into action saying who is this girl, what can we do, this is horrific. Eventually we found her Instagram, went to her snapchat. When she saw we were flooding to her Instagram she went private and started blocking people. 

People who had reached out to our administration were all getting the same auto-generated response. We were upset that we weren’t getting actual responses from an actual human being administrator. 

That’s why we went to Twitter to start tagging faculty because we could tell this wasn’t being taken as seriously as it should be. Obviously the first emotion we felt was anger. We were of course angry she said it, but even more outraged at how the administration is handling it. 

That’s why this situation has gained so much momentum. It brings us back to the 2015 action with Concerned Student 1950.

Concerned Student 1950 was a University of Missouri activist group formed in 2015 “to fight back against the racial hostility that has been allowed to persist on the University of Missouri’s campus without any response or plan of action,” according to Bustle News. “The group’s name, Concerned Student 1950, refers to the year the University of Missouri admitted its first Black student, and pays homage to this historic moment.”

Concerned Student 1950 also orchestrated the historic hunger strike that led to the University President, Tim Wolfe’s resignation, as well as the entire MU football team going on strike in protest of the violent white supremacy that inflicted racial terror on Black students across the campus. 

The demands the organization made nearly a decade ago seem to be just as relevant now as ever. 

We spoke with another Black student, Cydney Perkins, who serves as the Accessibility Inclusion Diversity & Equity Coordinator for the Missouri Student Association. Cydney is also outraged and has spoken out about the viciously racist incident;

“Saying that disgusting comment about the Black people who were massacred, and joking about murdering Black people, it was just, there is an uproar, and the fact Mizzou supports her organizations is very disheartening. A lot of us are talking about it and figuring out what to do. We formed a groupchat and are coming up with plans and ideas. Are we really gonna just let this go? We definitely aren’t. Black students are tired. Tired of the performative actions that Mizzou takes. We will definitely be doing something in the coming days and we are also going to see how the school responds.”

The Defender reached out to The University of Missouri’s Student Affairs and Media Department who did not provide immediate comment to our request. They later released a statement reading, “

University of Missouri officials have been alerted to reports of a racist post by an MU student. The information was referred to the MU Office of Institutional Equity. “This language is reprehensible, and we condemn any language and actions that are racist, discriminatory and hateful to our community,” said Mun Choi, president of the University of Missouri. Following the review, the university will take appropriate action.

Despite being aware of the domestic terrorist threat by a person with ready access to assault weapons and other deadly firearms which unequivocally puts all Black students on campus in danger, the University has yet to take action regarding Meg Miller.

“This happens everyday on our campus. People feel unsafe, unvalued, unloved. We are all banding together. This is a reoccurring thing, none of us have gotten any response whatsoever from the administration. Nothing from an actual person. Those auto-generated responses are the only updates we’ve gotten so far,” Kaylyn told us. Whatever it requires, protests, town halls, strikes, we are going to do whatever it takes to make the campus safer for people of color.

This is a developing story.

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