A Lot of Black People Party at Bridgers in Westport, Here’s Why

This article is not an advertisement or promotion, I am simply observing a phenomenon I sought to learn more about. Specifically because there are a small selection of bars and clubs in KC that offer welcoming spaces for Black people to enjoy nightlife.

Although the business written about in this piece is not Black owned, I found it interesting that primarily Black people are helping pack out Bridgers weekly. I was further fascinated with the venue because Kansas City nightlife is traditionally hostile and racist towards Black DJ’s (especially in P&L), yet Bridgers hosts many talented and rapidly emerging Black dj’s consistently.

DJ Nick Davis (@DJNickDavis)

I sat down with Justin who is a Black man and works on the Bridgers staff. He gave me some insight on why Black people are attracted to the venue.

Defender: The Bridgers Patio is Increasingly Becoming a bustling hotspot in Kansas City nightlife, particularly for Black people, why do you think people are so attracted to this venue?

Justin: This is one of the few spots that promotes a true night time urban experience in Kansas City. Bridgers promotes a nightlife style that was missing but is often felt in other urban cities. 

Defender: I saw you recently hosted Dj Jahreezy and Dj Nick Davis also frequently spins at Bridgers. Can you talk about the music selection? Is it different from what’s played at other venues?

DJ Jahreezy (@Jahreezy)

J: Nick Davis has been a huge part of the Bridgers success. He knows how to draw energy from the crowd and control the flow of the night using the latest Hip-Hop and R&B hits. Expect to see a huge line at the door when Nick Davis is on set. DJ Jahreezy has also played numerous gigs at other venues in P&L and Lee’s Summit. He has a huge following and has found success out on the patio here at Bridgers. 

Defender: What separates Bridgers from other bars/clubs in the city?

J: The owners and management of Bridgers have a great connection to the community and have fostered those relationships into a great experience for everyone. 

Defender: Is it a safe spot for the ladies? The men don’t be doin too much do they?

J: Bridgers has done an excellent job by hiring and training its security staff to make a safe environment. Our customers enjoy seeing our men and women in bright green security shirts located inside and outside the building.

Defender: Is it one of them spots where you see the same people every week or are there consistently new people who slide through?

J: Every week you’ll see new people coming in for the first time. Our presence on social media helps promote our nightlife experience. You also cant ignore our frequent goers who simply can’t get enough of the day parties on Sunday. Its a vibe.

Defender: What artist is getting the crowd most lit this month?

J: Tough to say, Every DJ has a different approach when selecting music. 

Defender: What age group does the crowd mostly consist of?

J: 21-30.

Defender: What days are best for people to pull up?

J: Pull up Friday – Sunday. Those day parties on Sunday are something special. Go book your sections in advance before they sell out lol. 

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