KC Cop Who Murdered Donnie Sanders & Hospitalized a 9 Month Pregnant Woman Still Employed by KCPD ????????

Blayne Newton is not a police officer, he is a white supremacist murderer.

Newton murdered Donnie Sanders in March 2020. 

“Newton pulled Sanders over as part of a traffic stop on the evening of March 12, 2020, near Wabash and Prospect Avenues…Newton ran after Sanders and shot him about a minute into the foot chase, according to the incident report.” (Spoerre & Rice of KC Star)

Footage of the ruthless racial execution of Donnie Sanders

It is a fact often forgotten that the American system of policing originated as slave patrols – but this nightmarish slave-catcher era racial execution makes the striking parallels apparent. 

Last year, Blayne Newton knocked Deja Stallings, a 9 month pregnant Black woman, to the ground then drove his knee into her back while her stomach was directly pressing the ground, causing her to be hospitalized and increasing potential pregnancy complications. 

Some would define such actions as nearly infanticide, meaning “the crime of killing a child within a year of birth.”

The vicious, near-lethal attack on Deja and her baby by Newton led to one of the largest and most prolonged City Hall occupations in Kansas City history.

Via KC Star
Via The Pitch
via The Pitch

Blayne Newton is still employed by the city, and you are paying for him to be. 

It is worth pondering the fact that our community has many single mothers and impoverished families who struggle to afford food and housing, yet are forced by the city to pay the salary (via taxes) of a white man who racially executed a man and physically brutalized one of our pregnant Black sisters. 

If you ever wonder why nearly 40% of the entire Kansas City budget goes to the police department, this example is quite enlightening. 

I am not suggesting that this one horrific character is singularly inflating or depleting the resources of the KCPD, rather I am saying the fact he is still employed by the department offers us a glimpse into the values and structure of the organization as a whole. 

KC Star

Money that goes to KCPD and white supremacist murderers like Blayne Newton, is a direct theft of funds and resources from the Black community that should instead be put back into education, housing, healthcare, and mental health.

If the KCPD is willing to fund and employ a well-known murderer, what other problematic expenses are they funding? Military vehicles? Weed criminalization? Surveilling houseless encampments?

For instance, Kansas City spends over $1000 on the police for every $1 that is spent on special projects for mental health.

Graphic by Black Rainbow
Graphic by Black Rainbow

Not only should Blayne Newton be held accountable, but so should Rick Smith as the ringleader of what can only be described as a white supremacist cult – Smith has enabled and unwaveringly supported his white supremacist gangsters. 

Although Blayne Newton has continuously terrorized and killed Black people, he is not an outlier or even a unique character within the Kansas City Police Department, otherwise he would not still be in it. 

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