The KCK Police Department Is A Major Criminal Enterprise That A Federal Investigation Won’t “Fix”

The FBI defines a criminal enterprise as a group of individuals with an identified hierarchy, or comparable structure, engaged in significant criminal activity.

The KCK Police Department’s loyalty to white supremacy, its rampant hate acts, and allowance of its thugs to roam the streets committing sexual violence, align it far more closely with a criminal terrorist organization than an organization committed to safety and community. 

Most recently, the criminal organization is making national headlines for enabling one of its many viciously racist, violent sexual predators to terrorize Black people for years with absolutely no accountability.

The cop under investigation is Roger Golubski. 

“Federal prosecutors in Kansas have launched a criminal grand jury investigation into a retired Kansas City police detective who is the subject of long-swirling allegations that he “exploited and terrorized” Black residents of the city’s north end for decades” CNN Reported

The problem is, the FBI and Department of Justice are both white-supremacist organizations. One Guardian article says “Given the FBI’s long history of upholding white supremacy, it is clearly ill-equipped to investigate white supremacist infiltration of other organizations.”

Expecting the same institution that manufactured the anti-Black War on Drugs and produced mass incarceration to fix or reform the KCK Police Department, is the equivalent of expecting a KKK member to lead a civil rights effort. 

Not only is it delusional but it’s impossible. 

The FBI & Department of Justice are similar to the KKK not just in their allegiance to white supremacy, but it is without a doubt that the Department of Justice and its fascist subsidiaries have caused far more Black deaths in recent decades than has the Klan.

It is a direct and intentional result of the Department of Justice that the United States currently enslaves the largest population of Black people in the world.

Or that the US has a larger prison population than China even though China has a population literally one billion people larger than ours. We nearly have a larger prison population than China and Russia combined. 

The FBI actually admitted that it created the War on Drugs specifically to target and destroy Black people.

In fact, it is linguistic misdirection to even call it the “Department of Justice.” It is doublespeak

If we were to describe the The Department of Justice by what they do rather than what they say, they would more suitably be described as “The Department of Injustice” or “The Department to Terrorize, Control, and Murder Black People”. 

This is the same institution that oversaw the brutal assassination of Fred Hampton, that spied on Black artists like James Baldwin, and that labeled the Black Panther Party as the number one threat to the United States because they were feeding children in a breakfast program. 

The same institution that purposely overlooks the dangerous rise of White Supremacist Domestic Terrorism, and instead created an entirely new category of imaginary terrorists called “Black Identity Extremists”, which it weaponizes to surveil and target people who simply believe Black Lives Matter. 

The same institution that continues to commit war crimes abroad and at home, that has killed mercilessly, that has lied, raped and bombed civilians. 

In fact, the FBI Counterterrorism Unit itself released a declassified report in 2006 that was literally titled, “White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement”. Here’s a short excerpt detailing the report’s findings;

“This assessment examines white supremacist infiltration of law enforcement from perspectives of both strategic infiltration by organized groups and self-initiated infiltration by law enforcement personnel sympathetic to white supremacist causes.  The primary threat from infiltration or recruitment arises from the areas of intelligence collection and exploitation, which can lead to investigative breaches.”

While that refers specifically to cops and not federal departments, there are numerous examples of how the FBI has long been directly connected to the KKK and other terrorist ideological groups. 

A Washington Post article reminds us that “the FBI supplied information on the progress of two busloads of Freedom Riders through the South in 1961 to the Birmingham, Ala., police department even though it knew the department had been infiltrated by the Ku Klux Klan, according to FBI documents released to the American Civil Liberties Union.”

“Shortly before klansmen intercepted and burned one bus and severely beat passengers on the other, the chief of the Birmingham FBI bureau called a known klan agent in the police department to tell him of the exact location of the buses, the documents show.”

Justice and accountability for the vicious and disgusting, decades-long reign of terror inflicted by the KCKPD is absolutely necessary, but appointing a white supremacist institution to conduct it will only result in more harm. 

While the despicable predator that is Roger Golubski is at the center of this unraveling drama, we would be naive to believe he is the central actor. 

The Kansas City Kansas Police Department, just like the KCMO Police Department, is a Major Criminal Enterprise and a terrorist organization. It always has, and as long as it exists, always will terrorize Black people and extort resources from our communities. 

Activities of a Criminal Organization

No investigation, no so-called “diversity,” and no reform can change that.

The idea that improving police-community relations will stop police brutality is older than the Vietnam War and numerous studies show it is both a myth and an ineffective strategy.

The problem is not community relations or Black people trusting the police.

The problem is that the police are a white supremacist criminal enterprise that terrorizes the Black community, and also drains the Black community of vital resources that should be going to education, housing, mental health, and other life-affirming systems.

In fact, the two largest police reforms in American History, The Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Street Act of 1968, which gave what now would amount to trillions of dollars to police departments across the country often in the name of improving community relations, as well as the infamous Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 (Clinton Crime Bill), directly led to the most explosive growth of Black prisoners in the history of the human species, growing over 500% in less than 2 decades. 

For decades, kids in KCK went hungry and schools went unresourced, because of the myth that police make our communities safer. That myth caused hundreds of millions of dollars to go to monstrous and murderous cops, to an entire criminal enterprise of policing, rather than children, families, healthcare, and other life-affirming services that our communities need. 

If there is to be any investigation, it should be conducted by the community. But even a “democratic” solution such as that, would not address the root problem that created Roger and allowed him to terrorize and roam as a violent sexual predator preying on Black women for years with no attempts to stop him from KCKPD.  

Roger is a product of the KCKPD, he is in no way unique from others in it or its normalized culture. He has friends and colleagues in the department that he has known for decades and that have enabled him, conspired with him, and protected him – from the highest levels of the enterprise to the lowest. 

It is not necessary for any sort of investigation to take place to know this is a fact. 

To call for a federal investigation of this department is to show we have learned nothing from American History or the history of racist policing. 

If we wish to create truly safe communities for Black people we must do away with the KCKPD entirely. 

Three kindergarten school kids sitting at desk in a classroom using a tablet computer and stylus together, selective focus

We must invest our resources into the community, and empower the community to determine our own fate. We cannot and must not invest our time, energy, and resources into white supremacist federal government agencies that throughout all of American history have aligned themselves, displayed loyalty to, and often been led by white supremacists. 

With the vast mountain of money and resources from its demolition we shall create well-resourced schools, affordable housing, and mental health facilities in its place. 


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