Black Student of the Month: Isaiah Evans

This prestigious award recognizes Black students across the KC Metro. Winners are poised to be the trailblazers and visionaries of the future.

The past two months have been a tumultuous time for the young celebrity who at only 17 years old has already made a name for himself throughout the midwest – for his massive YouTube following, his unmatched fashion and packed out parties.

Isaiah Evans, along with his family were quickly thrown into the national spotlight when racist waterpark employees denied the young entrepreneurs access to a park they had privately rented out.

While many may have been deterred by such a racist and traumatic incident, Isaiah took it in stride and turned the event into motivation for even more success.

We took some time to sit down with YRK Zai, to celebrate his recent success, to discuss what motivates him, to learn more about YRK, and why he chooses positivity over the street life.

Defender: Did you always know you wanted to be a YouTube star? When did you realize it was something you were very talented at?

Isaiah: Since about the age of 12 YouTube has always been a passion of mine. While watching YouTube one night my dad interrupted me and said “son you can either be the consumer or the producer” and the rest has been history.

Defender: We can tell you are very resilient from how you quickly bounced back from the racist and traumatizing viral Lee’s Summit pool incident. Where did you get your resilience?

Isaiah: I’d like to say I’ve gotten my resilience from playing baseball for my entire life. Baseball has taught me many life lessons and bouncing back from a call not going your way is one of many. So when the Lee’s Summit water park told me that we could not swim there I instantly thought of what we could do next.

Defender: How did you and your friends come up with YRK? Why do you think it’s blown up so much?

Isaiah: While creating “YRK”, me and my friends just wanted to give other kids in a city full of violence a positive inspiration. We wanted to show everyone that there are many ways to be productive in a positive way and that you are never too young to live your dreams.

Defender: What’s 1 piece of advice you’d give to other Black students?

Isaiah: Stay out of the streets, stay dedicated, and manifest your goals.

Defender: What’s next for YRK Zai?

Isaiah: Next for me I plan to attend Morehouse college in Atlanta to perfect my videography skills and major in business. I would like to use the skills I get from Morehouse to perfect my YouTube career and take it to the next level.

What is Black Student of the Month?

This esteemed and prestigious award recognizes Black student Artists, Athletes, Creators, Dancers, Gamers, Musicians, Activists, and more. Winners of Black Student of the Month are poised to be the trailblazers and visionaries of the future.


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