“I Hope I See Your Black Ass in a Tree”: Student Launches Lawsuit Against Kearney High School After Facing Racial Terrorism

As white supremacist violence continues to rise across the U.S., a Black student who attended Kearney High School in Missouri is now launching a lawsuit against the school.

The lawsuit states that among the numerous terrorist and violent threats made against the Black student were;

“I am going to pull up at yo house and shoot u n*gger u weak asf b*tch ass n*gga if I see u I am going to k*ll u”, “THIS IS A WHITE TOWN N*GGER BOY”, and “I hope I see your black ass in tree. Alabama wind chime style.”

The lawsuit also says that after the student had reported the threats to his administrators, 2 white girls in his algebra class told him; “You won’t doing nothing about it, yes I sent it and if you do anything I will have all the whites in Kearney beat your ass.”

The student launching the lawsuit says that he reported incidents to staff and administration but was told to ignore the incidents, or report them to police. The student did both but the threats and violence were never addressed.

The staff and students at the school were in violation of the Missouri Human Rights Act due to the student being terrorized and denied access to public accommodations, the lawsuit argues.

If the white supremacist mass killing of Black people in Buffalo this past weekend, or the petition to bring back slavery last year weren’t clear enough, it is now undeniable that the United States is not making racial progress, and is in fact quite literally going back in time. We are on the path to full blown white supremacist fascism.

Our hearts go out to the Black student who survived and endured these truly despicable, horrific, slave-era terrorist attacks.

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