Suppression of Speech & Arresting Activists: KC City Hall’s Escalating Assault on the Public

In an anti-democratic, authoritarian trend, Kansas City’s City Hall continues to silence, arrest and “make impossible” proper public engagement.

“There’s some funny business going down at KCMO City Hall,” wrote KC Tenants in their most recent Instagram post. The post comes less than a month after the citywide tenant union ran a major campaign denouncing Mayor Lucas’ infamously violent proposal to redefine affordable as $1200 for a 1 bedroom apartment.

At the height of the campaign, Lucas had Tiana Caldwell, a leader with KC Tenants, arrested for exercising her first amendment rights.

“Over the last year we’ve tracked a disturbing pattern: the more we show up and use our right to engage in public processes that affect our lives, the harder city leaders make it do so. We can’t ignore it anymore. From the downtown baseball stadium to the back room development deals ordinance, City Hall isn’t even trying to hide their intentions.” – KC Tenants

This is a developing story.

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