Roaches, Mice, Mass Flooding: Residents At KC’s Quality Hill Towers Living In Lethal Conditions Under “Predator Landlord” Who Still Demands Full Rent Payments

Despite the horrifying conditions, the resident’s “predator landlord” still demands full rent — fueling an uprising among tenants who’ve had enough.

KANSAS CITY, MO — As the struggle for safe, affordable housing rages on, residents at Quality Hill Towers find themselves at the tipping point. The capitalist indifference of Sentinel, their landlord, continues to deepen their daily crisis. Despite a formal agreement in July, the company has failed to meet the Quality Hill Towers Tenant Union’s most basic demands for livable conditions.

This fight has now escalated into a full-blown uprising.

Living conditions are both horrific and potentially lethal. The building is swarming with roaches, bedbugs, and mice. Appliances required for cooking and bathing are more likely to be out of order than not. Adding to this torment, the building experienced a water outage this past Saturday, and mass flooding has overwhelmed floors, stairwells, and common areas for four days.

This ordeal reached a catastrophic tipping point last Saturday, when residents went without water for an entire day, followed by a four-day inundation that flooded floors, stairwells, and common spaces.

Yet, despite enduring such traumatic experiences, they have received zero compensation. Meanwhile, the landlord has the audacity to continue cashing their rent checks.

Sentinel, the landlord, isn’t just failing to provide essential services; he is actively exploiting tenants, forcing them to pay full rent while delivering dangerous, life-threatening conditions.

The Quality Hill Towers Tenant Union isn’t standing for it. In a bold move, they’ve filed 50 Healthy Homes reports highlighting the blatant code violations rampant throughout the complex.

Today, the Tenant Union is taking further steps to expose Sentinel’s criminal negligence. They’re reaching out to the city’s Healthy Homes Department to demand an immediate investigation into Sentinel’s practices and to question why this corporation has been allowed to perpetuate such harm.


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