Vaughan Harrison


Vaughan Harrison is an accomplished spoken word artist fueled by a profound love for literature, truth, and the transformative power of language. Since an early age, Vaughan has immersed himself in the works of literary giants like Poe, Thoreau, James Baldwin, Dostoyevsky, and Robert Frost, leaving an indelible mark on his heart. Vaughan’s mission is to kindle empathy and unlock the doors of knowledge through their writing.

Vaughan possesses a unique ability to stir emotions and ignite meaningful conversations. As he embarks on his writing journey with The Kansas City Defender, he eagerly embraces the challenge of exploring the complex realms of arts & culture covering topics spanning from linguistic anthropology to the policing of clothing. He intends to illuminate the intricate tapestry of human expression, offering insights that enlighten and liberate. Additionally, in their quest for truth, Vaughan’s path has lead him to the world of investigative journalism, where he will unveil untold stories and amplify the voices of the marginalized in Kansas City and beyond.

Vaughan's Latest Articles

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