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Police, Polluters and Profiteers: A who’s who with some of the biggest local donors of the June 20th election.

Tuesday, June 20th, Kansas Citians have the opportunity to elect the most progressive council in city history. The stakes are high–– not only for Black, brown, and poor/working-class movements fighting for change, but also for elites & corporate executives that have a lot to lose should the status quo be upended.

Kansas City’s Era of Change

The 1930s introduced cabarets and speakeasies that revolutionized the way that people listened to jazz music in the greater Kansas City era. Read more to find out why locals are still scavenger-hunting for the same feeling of nostalgia.

KCPD Officer A “Serial Killer”: Murdered Donnie Sanders In 2020, Body Slammed A 9 Month Pregnant Black Woman, And Killed 2 More People Last Friday… And Still Employed By KCPD

Exposing the horrifying truth of unchecked violence by KCPD Officer Blayne Newton. From the murder of Donnie Sanders to attacking a 9-month pregnant woman, Newton’s reign of terror continues unchecked. Now implicated in the brutal killing of two more individuals, the community demands justice.

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