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New Victim In KC “Serial Killer” Case Found In Missouri River, Clay County Prosecutor Admits Greater Public Safety Threat Than Initially Stated

After dismissing concerns over missing Black women, Kansas City now grapples with the chilling discovery of Jaynie Crosdale’s body, further validating the specter of a “serial killer” or an accomplice still at large. The tragic outcome contradicts the official police narrative, driving urgent demands for transparency and accountability in the handling of a botched high-profile case that has failed so many.

Part I: The Historical Context that Shaped Higher Education in California and Inside Golden State Prisons

This piece is part of a three-part investigation into higher education inside men’s prisons in California. This first installment explores the interconnected history of higher education and incarceration in California, in addition to documenting movements and reforms that opened doors to greater access to post-secondary programs inside prisons while leaving a problem-filled system intact.

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