Historic Case: For the First Time in KC History, A Cop is on Trial for Murdering a Black Man

For the First Time in KC History, A Cop is on Trial for Murdering a Black Man.

We are less than 2 weeks away from one of the most high-profile trials in Missouri history.

The charges filed against KCPD Detective Eric DeValkenaere, for the 2019 killing of Cameron Lamb, is the FIRST and ONLY time a KCPD officer has been charged for killing someone. He faces charges of involuntary manslaughter and armed criminal action.

This is a landmark case and will set the standard for if KCPD is held accountable or if they will be allowed to continue senselessly murdering Black people with no consequences.

The trial begins on Nov. 8, 2021.

This is the first time in the over 150 year history of Kansas City that a white cop is on trial for the murder of a Black person.

The trial will place a national spotlight on the viciously corrupt, racist, and terrorist-like operations of the organization known as the Kansas City Police Department.

Cameron’s family hopes that the people of Kansas City will show up and pack out the courtroom throughout the duration of the trial to put pressure on the system to provide justice for Cameron.

Sources tell us that the families of George Floyd, Alton Sterling and Jacob Blake may attend the trial although we have not yet confirmed this information.

FOX4 reports that “Court documents show that DeValkenaere and Detective Troy Schwalm were near East 41st Street and College Avenue when they were called to a traffic incident.”

“DeValkenaere drew his weapon and walked to the backyard of the house. Court documents show that neither officer asked for permission to go on the property.”

Lamb was casually backing into his garage unaware that two cops were unlawfully creeping onto his property with plans to murder him.

Seconds later, court documents reveal that DeValkenaere fired four bullets that hit the windshield of Lamb’s pickup truck. Two hit Lamb, killing him.

There is not much that separates this from an assassination or a mafia-hit, other than that it was executed by a cop. This case provides further evidence that the KCPD is a Major Criminal Organization engaged in Terrorist Activity.

We will be following the trial closely and providing updates as frequently as possible.


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